Barn'cle, art by Brian Ponce

Publication information
Publisher Pride Comics
First appearance Pride High #1
Created by Sissy Boy
In-story information
Alter ego Albert (Bert) Ash
Team affiliations Poseidon Preparatory Academy for Heroic Youth
Powers Exoskeleton, sticky secretion from his back, prehensile hair

Barn'cle, also known as Barnacle, is a comic book superhero created by Sissy Boy.

Publication historyEdit

Barn'cle was one of the early reader-created characters on the message boards for the comic Pride High. He appeared as a background character in Pride High #1 and, despite not having a prominent role in the comic yet, remains a character who may becaome important to the story.

However, since Barn'cle is still owned entirely by the user known as Sissy Boy, he may appear in comics published through another company, should his owner be inclined to take that route.

Fictional character biographyEdit

Barnacle grew up in a small First Nations Village in British Columbia, Canada. It was a coastal town and he spent a lot of time in the water as a child, but it was not until his 13th birthday that he realized he could stay underwater for long periods of time with his "gift". This news was well received by the people of his tribe and seen as a further sign of his uniqueness. The tribe had held him in high regard as a link between this world and the spiritual world due to his hermaphroditism. His genital presentation provided him with the opportunity to claim a number of different sociosexual roles and while he was not ready to choose one, he is considering his options.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Barnacle has a thick exo-skeleton that emerges when he is submerged in water. While he has no control over the exoskeleton's thickness or length (i.e., he can't use his exoskeleton to encompass another team member or members... yet), the exoskeleton covers his whole body and allows him to stay underwater for extended periods of time. The exoskeleton is hexagonally shaped as though it were made of six individual but connected plates (like an actual barnacle). The exoskeleton functions as both a defensive and offensive weapon, and aids Barnacle's natural swimming talent. When underwater, Barnacle has two other powers that emerge. One is that his back (from his shoulders to just below his buttocks) secretes a sticky substance that allows him to anchor himself to either a moving vehicle or a large acquatic animal. The second is that his hair becomes a weapon for him to control. At his will, Barnacles's hair extends itself, grabs and hurls objects, and helps him climb like the cirri of a barnacle.

However, Barnacle's powers only emerge when he is submerged in SALTwater. Barnacle is untrained in the use of his power. He only discovered that his power made him unique about 2 years ago. Barnacle CANNOT communicate with sea creatures (barnacles or otherwise), despite the many rumors that abound in the halls of Poseidon Prep.

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