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The Karabear Comics logo, with Pinball's eye in the center

Karabear Comics is a comic book company started by Ave Messer. It made its debut in with the publication of Gold Comics #1, which is an anthology with public domain characters. Considering Ave is a trans woman herself, she is very interested in portraying trans superheroes. Her characters have appeared on the message boards for various comics and she intends to launch her entire superhero universe in 2012, hopefully actually being able to acquire artists for all the stories.

On a side note, it should be mentioned that Ave (the totally not self-promoting author of this very text you're reading right now) also created this wiki. So, hail Ave and her awesomeness! Okay, you're not hailing--you look like you're giving me gifts, though I would prefer if they were handed instead of thrown and a little less rotten and a little less tomatoey.

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