These characters still need pages on the wiki, and it would be appreciated if they could be added:

Angel (The Pride character) (DeadStar Publishing)

Astral (Colton White) (Karabear Comics)

Bast (from A Distant Soil)

Blue Snowman (Byrna Brilyant) (DC Comics)

Captain Power (Christina Carr) (Marvel Comics)

Cartoon (Aaron Hoodman) (Ryan Vickers--Pride High comic and message boards)

Cloud (Marvel Comics)

Courier (Jacob Gavin Jr.) (Marvel Comics)

Desire (The Endless) (DC Comics)

Dragon Queen (Bradley/Brandywine Curtis) (Julie Konopka)

Dr. Occult (DC Comics)

Dr. Poison (Princess Maru) (DC Comics)

Dumas (Stephen Lee / Olivia Vancroft) (DC Comics)

The Epitome (indie - J.R. LeMar)

Fury (Erik Storn) (DC Comics)

G Girl (Billi Jayne) (Heroic Publishing)

Glamazonia (indie - Justin Hall)

Incognita (indie - Martin Eden)

Jazinda (Marvel Comics)

Kismet / Her (Marvel Comics)

La Rana (Jennifer Daniels) (Danny the 'Net--Pride High comic and message boards)

Jessica Mason (The Fallen Angel Media)

Meta Maid (2000AD)

Mighty Man (Ann Stevens) (Image Comics)

Mindmeld (Marvel Comics)

Mischance (Morgan Chance) (Shonen-Ai Guy--Pride High comic and message boards)

Muscle Mary (indie - Martin Eden)

Mystica (Raven la Faye) (Ravenheart--Pride High comic and message boards)

Nadir (indie - Martin Eden)

Orlando (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) (Top Shelf - Knockabout Comics)

Palabra (Ignacio de la Cruz) (warrick1830--Pride High comic and message boards)

Promethea (William Woolcott)

Proudmoon (Tsagani Proudmoon) (Satyrgrin--Pride High comic and message boards)

Queen (Royal Flush Gang - Justice League Unlimited: "Epilogue") (DC Comics)

Marisa Rahm (DC/Milestone)

Roger (Five Swell Guys) (DC Comics)

Sanctuary (Joshua Kane) (Top Cow Productions)

Sasquatch (Wanda Langkowski) (Marvel Comics)

Jacob Shaw (Marvel Comics)

Shocking Suzi (Joe Hamill) (DC Comics)

Skyppi the Skrull (Marvel Comics)

Jane Smythe (Marvel Comics)

Sparkle (Diamond June Weston) (Karabear Comics)

Speculum (Rachel Sevier) (ScarletWidow--Pride High comic and message boards)

Spider-Man (Mattie Franklin) (Marvel Comics)

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew [Ultimate]) (Marvel Comics)

Starhawk (Aleta Ogord / Stakar Ogord) (Marvel Comics)

Steck'ee (Marvel Comics)

The TransAmerican (Rhea Halter) (Witchy Webcomics)

Ultra-Humanite (DC Comics)

Valkyrie (Kanazachi Yuuki) (Montrose Academy)

Wonder Trannies (Superfag characters)

Zounds (Thor / Sonja) (GoldHammer--Pride High comic and message boards)

Characters from Tranny Force and Sissy Squad

And I know there are likely more, so I'd love to see them, too. And if you add a page for a character from this list, please delete their name after you do so (and be sure to put the character in the right categories).