Publication information
Publisher Martin Eden (independent publisher)
First appearance Spandex #1
Created by Martin Eden
In-story information
Alter ego Jason Ford
Team affiliations Spandex, The O-Men (formerly)
Powers Flight, super strength, healing factor, premonitions

Liberty is a comic book superhero based out of the United Kingdom and created by Martin Eden.

Publication historyEdit

Liberty has been a central character in Martin Eden's series Spandex, which features a team of all-gay superheroes and their struggles against (mostly gay) villains. The series is intentionally campy and humorous, though it does have plenty of drama, as well.

Fictional character biographyEdit

Jason Ford discovered his affinity for crossdressing at an early age but, due to pressure from his parents, didn't delve into this activity as openly as he would have wanted. Then, as a young man, he came across the original Liberty, who was dying and needed to pass on her legacy. She gave Jason the Liberty suit, which gives the wearer flight, enhanced strength and a healing factor. Jason took the name Liberty, as well, having never come up with any other name for his female persona.

Soon Liberty had formed the team known as Spandex, acting as leader. There has been change-up in the Spandex lineup, but Liberty has remained the leader.

In Spandex #5, it was revealed Liberty also has connections to The O-Men, another superhero team created by Marin Eden.

Note: Liberty may have deuted in the pages of The O Men, but this editor is unsure. Anybody with better information would be welcomed to edit this information.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The Liberty suit grants flight, super-human strength and a healing factor. Jason also has a separate power dubbed his "gaydar", where he will receive premonitions, though these cause headaches of varying intensity.

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