Masquerade Blood Syndicate
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics (Milestone)
First appearance Blood Syndicate #1
Created by Dwayne McDuffie, Ivan Velez Jr., Denys Cowan
In-story information
Alter ego unknown
Team affiliations Blood Syndicate
Abilities Shapeshifting

Masquerade is a comic book superhero created by Dwayne McDuffie, Ivan Velez Jr. and Denys Cowan. He was a part of the Blood Syndicate, a superhuman gang whose adventures were published by DC Comics under their Milestone imprint.


Masquerade was a "Bang Baby" (superhumans created by a conflict between the police and gang members, where the police used tear gas tagged with "quantum juice", a radioactive compound) and member of the Blood Syndicate. The character was recruited into the gang after they raided a crack house for operating capital. Masquerade was recruited to guard the drugs. Although physically a woman, since gaining his shapeshifting powers, Masquerade's form of choice is a man. He would later make the error of double-crossing the Blood Syndicate twice, first by stealing from them and second by imitating Tech-9 and placing himself in the position of leader of the Blood Syndicate. As leader, he was responsible for the Syndicate instigating the Utopia Park riot.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Masquerade is a shape-shifter, able to assume virtually any human or animal form. He usually presents as an African-American man in a red costume, when he wasn't turning into a wide assortment of strange and dangerous creatures. Later, after Masquerade was kidnapped and further experimented on by System, he could not only imitate another bang baby's form but their powers as well. He uses that to convince the Blood Syndicate that he is Tech-9.

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